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Matakana Moonshine wins spirit awards in San Francisco

Don’t want to sound like we’re boasting or anything, but we thought you might be interested to know that In The Bush Ltd. scooped Silver and Bronze at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for our Matakana Moonshine Vodka and Gin.
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Matakana Who?

Matakana Moonshine. was born of two blokes, one named Chris, who during the last century has variously flipped burgers, bagged sugar, hired out VHS Videos (hmm), broken air speed records (seriously), and made curtains. Falling on hard times Chris who could no longer afford his nightly dose of Bourbon, went bush and distilled ya do. Chris, the inventor, is today our Chief Distillation Officer (CDO) busying himself with all matters production, whilst impressing the ladies with his dancing...

The other half of “the bush” is Mark (nick-name Hobie). Cutting his teeth sweeping factory floors and blowing up fishbowls (those things explode big-time man!), Hobie then proceeded to flog stuff. Amongst a vast array of other stuff, he’s sold baths; security doors, tea cups, tiles, motor scooters, picnic hampers, dunnies, and machines that can stimulate...say no more! Hobie also found time to bum around the world picking up some foreign language skills along the way. Mark, our Hawker in Chief (hic) is such an avid fan of this pristine, pure, natural New Zealand range of spirits, that he’s determined to share the love world-wide!